Rain-proof your home

1 Avoid rennovation: It’s better to do renovation work like painting walls and waterproofing before or after the monsoon. If you find any problem during rainy season, get professional help to fix it. 

2 For your wooden flooring: Make sure your wooden floors are free from moisture and  properly waxed/polished. If this is not done, moisture tends to ruin the flooring.

Room3 Check for termite infestation: Termite infestation is a major problem when water leakage or high humidity exists. Check all damp places to find out if there are termites in the house.

4 Sun care: Expose upholstery and rugs regularly to sunlight to protect them from moisture.

5 Remove that musty smell: To beat the musty smell, place potpourri in glass, ceramic or metal containers, and add a dab of essential oil. Scented candles also help.

6 Electrical fittings : Replace damaged electrical cords. Keep a watch on water seepage in to the electrical  room and the place where the generator is housed.


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