Indian govt not in touch with us, says husband of Chennai woman aboard missing MH370

Chandrika Sharma(L)was one of the 239 people on board the ill-fated MH370 flight that disappeared while on its way to Beijing on March 8, 2014. In this photograph, she is seen with her daughter Meghna and husband Narendran.(Photo:special arrangement)

Even as India joined a multi-national effort to trace the Malaysian Airlines aircraft missing since Saturday, the husband of an Indian woman aboard the flight has said the government did nothing to comfort him all these days.
"The Indian government has not been in touch with us, though the High Commission in Malaysia contacted us a couple of times," said KS Narendran, husband of Chandrika Sharma, who is among the 239 missing passengers.
Sharma, 51, was working as the executive secretary of NGO International Collective in Support of Fish Workers and was on her way to a conference in Ulan Bator in Mongolia.
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"No one came to meet me to give me correct information," he said in response to a question from reporters in Chennai.
"The wait for news has been agonising for me. Since no credible information is coming our way, we can do nothing but to pray," he said.
He asked a question millions of people across the world have been seeking answers to.
"How in the present day satellite-enabled world, the world of technology, have we drawn a blank in search of a big bird and hundreds of people in it?" Narendran said.

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The distraught husband has his misgivings, convinced that "there is something more than meets the eye".
"There is a suspicion that there is more than what is being shared. Whose interests are being served and protected, one does not know or can guess," he said.
"I remain hopeful of good news. But at this juncture, what is good itself is under scrutiny," he said.
"This whole thing is turning into a farce."


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