A pig fat meal: Chef Gresham Fernandes’s guide to pork

  • Arundhati Chatterjee, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 28, 2016 19:49 IST
Chorizo baida roti at a previous edition of Swine Dine

Love pork, but never dared to cook it? No, frying bacon doesn’t count. Who better than Chef Gresham Fernandes, the man who loves his meat, to teach you how.

They say wear your attitude on your sleeve. Chef Gresham Fernandes of Salt Water Café spells it out on his T-shirt instead: “Eat meat”, it reads. He loves experimenting with meat, and his passion for cooking the pig has culminated in Salt Water Café’s community-styled pork affair — Swine Dine. The culinary property turns five this weekend, and we met Fernandes at the Bandra outlet to discuss his one big love — pork. “We decide the menu on the day of the dinner. It depends on the size of the pig we get, the number of people who are turning up, etc. There are some dishes from the previous editions, others are new additions. There will be around 12 dishes,” says the chef, who also hosts elaborate pork dinners at Smoke House Deli outlets across Delhi and Bengaluru.

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Fernandes rues most restaurants in the city don’t really go beyond basic pork chops, stews or steaks. So, for the times you crave fried ears or a roasted pork head, a guide to the various cuts and cooking techniques always comes handy.

Chef’s diary

Bandra boy Gresham Fernandes (35) spent his childhood at his grandmother’s house at Old Kantwadi (near Perry Cross Road), where they domesticated pigs, ducks and chickens. “Goan and East Indian weddings are all about pork. We cook the entire animal and keep it on the table. People slice it up and eat,” says Fernandes, who started helping in the kitchen at the age of four. For the past 10 years, he has been serving his version of pork dishes across the restaurants he has worked at. For the Swine Dine, Fernandes will cook around 12 pork dishes with his 20-member kitchen crew.

Chef Gresham Fernandes (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

Where to buy:

>> The pork market at Bazaar Road (Bandra West) has some good shoulder or butt cuts. You can also pick the entire animal from here.

>> Jude Cold Storage at Pali Junction (Bandra West) stores fresh cuts.

Call: 2600 5570

>> All sorts of cuts, as well as fresh blood of the pig, can be bought from Dukkar Galli near Metro Cinema, Dhobi Talao.

Bacon + Caramel + Sea Salt Pop Corn at a previous edition of Swine Dine


What: The Swine Dine buffet will take place on May 19, 8pm

Where: Salt Water Café, Chapel Road, Reclamation, Bandra (W)

Price: Rs 2,500

Register: Call 93200 98621 or leave a message on facebook.com/groups/SwineDine

(Top) The fatwash bacon bourbon, (above) Chickpea Cider and Chorizo Stew

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