I’ll be there for you, always: Delhi’s famous faces on their best friends

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 07, 2016 10:41 IST
On Friendship Day today, celebs pay an ode to buddies who hold a special spot in their hearts.

There are friends whom you call at 4 am, there are friends who instantly light up the dullest of the gathering, there are friends you rely on to know what’s happening in town. As an ad campaign put it one line, ‘har ek friend zaroori hota hai’. On Friendship Day today, we asked celebs in the city to tell us about their best friend and share why they just cannot do without them.

Perpetually available

Sonali (L) with Anupama

They are always there for us, be it day or night. They are the ones who listen to us patiently when we are feeling low, and always stand by our side. For designer Anupama Dayal, its her friend Sonali Singh who is always there for her. “She will probably cross seven seas for me. She will murder me if I miss her call more than twice,” says Dayal.

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The one who inspires

Vesna Jacob (L in both images) with friend Manjula

There are friends who, with their optimism, hard work and never-say-die approach, inspire us to do better. For fitness expert Vesna Jacob, its her friend Manjula Tiwari who keeps her motivated. “ She is a go-getter who is so focused, hardworking and talented. She pushes me to improve,” says Vesna.

The anchor buddy

Can you recognise him? Papa CJ (L) with his buddy, Chetan

Without this friend, we would have no idea which college buddy recently got married or whose cousin bagged a role in cinema. This person makes sure that buddies stay connected no matter where they are. For comedian Papa CJ, it’s his childhood buddy Chetan Vohra whom he relies on for all the important ‘information’. “This guy has been keeping me posted with everything happening in our circle for the last 30 years,” says CJ.

Bubble crusher

Chef Kunal Kapoor (L) with friend Sagar Tyagi

Some of us are lucky to have a friend who keeps us grounded by giving us brutally honest advice. For chef Kunal Kapoor, it’s his friend Sagar Tyagi . “ If I need honest advice even though I may not like to hear it, then it is my friend Sagar who I turn to. I am so thankful to him for his honesty,” says Kunal.

The party starter

Nikhil Mehra (C) with his friends (L) Shivam Bhaskar and (R) Ritesh Wadhwa

They are the ones who add sparkle to all the gatherings and never let you get bored. Designer Nikhil Mehra can’t think of a party without his friends (L) Shivam Bhaskar and (R) Ritesh Wadhwa. “Parties would be so unbearably boring without them,” says Mehra.

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