My ideal weekend: Benny Dayal

  • As told to Nagwa Kureshi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Mar 10, 2016 14:20 IST
Benny Dayal, singer, likes to de-stress by cooking on a weekend and partying backstage with his bandmates.

Q) Dine out, order in, or cook a meal on weekends?

Cooking is a stress-buster, and I enjoy playing the chef.

Q) Can: cook a five-course meal/a sandwich/boil water/don’t know how the gas works.

I can cook a five-course meal and actually get you to fall in love with Benny, the chef.

Q) Strictly salads and grilled chicken, or cheese/chocolate cheat for the weekend?

Cheat for the weekend.

Q) A movie/book you’ve been meaning to catch up on?

The Revenant.

Q) Where do you party?

I like partying backstage with my band, S5.

Q) Where do you love getting breakfast and what is your go-to order?

At home. I love waking up to sunshine, fresh fruits, tender coconut water and four-egg-white omelette.

Q) Tea or coffee?

Tea. It’s healthier.

Q) Street food that makes your day.

Chai and samosa, on a rainy day.

Q) Twitter or Instagram?

I’m a social media addict.

Q) A TV show you could watch reruns of all Sunday?

The Big Bang Theory.

Q) What’s the one thing that can totally make your weekend?

Sleep, sleep and more sleep, because I’m always sleep-deprived.

Q) The one thing that can break it?

Noisy neighbours.

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