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Oktoberfest: Here’s how the Capital is gearing up to raise a toast to beer!

From beer-infused slices of pizza to cocktails infused with the fizzy, it’s time to celebrate your beer love.

more lifestyle Updated: Sep 30, 2016 17:06 IST
Etti Bali

Keeping in mind the ongoing Oktoberfest in Munich, restaurants in the city have created special menus with beer cocktails and beer-based recipes.

If you want to soak up the flavours of this fest, you can experiment with some beer-licious, delicious concoctions, paired with tasty grub. Everything from flavoured versions of bubbling mugs and pizzas spiced with the fizzy drink, promises to take you on a beery journey.

Bottom’s up with flavoured beer

Celebrate the versatility of beer as it comes with a dash of pop and fruity tastes of blueberries and strawberries. Couple this with loaded portions of traditional German dishes like kartoffelpuffer, wurst and schnitzel, and you have to yourself a king’s feast. “Oktober fest belongs to India as much as it belongs to Germany. It’s time to celebrate the spirit of the German Festival with the special drinks and food,” says Manish Sharma of Molecule, that has stocked up on flavoured beers for the fest.

Now, you can indulge in beers in a variety of flavours such as strawberry and blueberry.

Ice ice baby

What do you do when coffee is your poison, but beer is bae? You mix the two and hope for the best magic in the world to happen! Tirek Shrestha, bar artist at The Chatter House has mixed Irish dark beer, strong brew coffee, heavy cream, wheat beer and simple syrup to make a Dublin style Irish coffee.

Dublin Iced Coffee brings together coffee and beer in a concoction that will leave you asking for more.

Pizza+Beer= Beerizza!

How do you better something that is already perfect? By adding beer to it! Imagine a pizza where the dough is made with beer and has your favourite toppings. Chef Swatantra from Dockyard The Brewing Company makes wheat beer pizzas and includes staples such as Margherita and classic pepperoni.

The dough for the pizza base is made with beer, and loaded with delicious toppings.

Cheers to quirky cocktails

Ever been envious of your friends posting pictures of fancy cocktails on social media, and wondered where to get them? This Oktoberfest, satiate your cravings with beer based cocktails that also make for great pictures.“Beer is everyone’s drink. Beer cocktails are for those who love the brew as they are a perfect balance of happiness and cheer,” says Sharad Madan, owner of Informal, which serves such ‘beertails’. You too can easily make one such cocktail by using 10ml tequila shot, 1 tbsp of lime juice, 10 ml triple sec and topped with beer, a recipe shared by mixologist Thot.

Innovative cocktails served in fancy glasses and tubs make for great drinks and photos.

Germany on a platter

What is Oktoberfest without a taste of authentic German delicacies? Show your love by indulging in sausage platters, schnitzels and meatball spatzles. If you don’t like the typcal beer connect, you can turn the eating game a notch higher. Nobody would mind a little gluttony! “German flavours are popular with foodies, especially those who understand international cuisine,” says Pranay Kumar of Roost The Urban Bistro that has curated a special Oktoberfest menu.

Foodies are experimenting with new flavours and recipes, and restaurants in the city are giving them a chance to taste regional delicacies from Germany.

Other places where the festival is big

•Kitchener and Waterloo in Canada witness the largest gathering outside Germany

•The one in Nashville, Tennessee, USA is the city’s oldest running festival

•Philippines celebrates Oktoberfest from September to December

•Argentina has its own version of the fest, called Fiesta Nacional de la Cerveza

Fun Facts about Munich Oktoberfest

•The festival is over two centuries old and wasn’t originally about beer

•Albert Einstein once worked at Oktoberfest as an electrician, and helped set up a tent

•Paris Hilton is banned from the festival

•The waiting period to open a stall at Oktoberfest is 20 years

•Only a specially brewed, extra strong variety of the beer is allowed at the fest

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