Social media unites Gurgaon residents in times of adversity

  • Naina Arora, Gurgaon
  • Updated: Aug 02, 2016 20:14 IST
Heavy rains and Kanwar yatra resulted in long traffic jams in Gurgaon on Thursday. (Parveen Kumar/HT Photo)

Whats the traffic situation towards Huda City, Galleria? ‪#‎gurgaontrafficupdate‬. Please update...,” reads a post by Akanksha Khanna on the Facebook group Gurgaon Helpline. As the city struggled with harrowing traffic conditions and extensive waterlogging on Gurgaon roads, city residents took to social media groups such as Gurgaon Helpline, Gurgaon Traffic Line, Gurgaon Moms, Gurgaon connect, Gurgaon Network on Facebook to post and update  fellow residents and commuters on the traffic condition from different spots in the city, to help each other out. “In case anyone plans to move in and out of Gurgaon plz take MG road.. No water logging and very little traffic...was able to cover distance from golf course to chatterpur in 30mins#gurgaontrafficupdates,” reads another post by Sandhya Nair. 

A network of sorts amongst residents and commuters alike, the posts on these groups varied from pictures of waterlogged areas around the city, areas one needed to avoid at different time during the day, to posts of residents coming forward to help commuters stuck in their locality with water and food. 

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WhatsApp groups were also created to reach out to people stuck at different intersections. “I just want to extend support and help in some way- If you get stuck around golf course road and need to take a halt, pls feel free to reach out to me...” read Neha Ramabhadran’s post on Gurgaon Moms, which was followed up by  a post by Ekta Eccleston, that read, "Yesterday's traffic nightmare and Neha Rambhadran's post, which served as an impetus, we have created a WhatsApp group called Gurgaon Moms Helpline.Pl share your number if you wish to join.Especially if you are offering or seeking assistance.”

Pawan Soni, who founded Facebook group, Gurgaon Helpline two years back is more than 11000 members strong now. Speaking on the same,he says, “The group has helped thousands of people during agitations, road blocks, heavy rains etc to guide fellow citizen on what roads to take. This is a community, so the more people help, better are the chances of getting help when they need it.The best part of the group is that it is members driven where members post queries and are helped by other members. Gurgaon is a new age city where most people have shifted from different places across India.. People also post their requirements for blood here. It is our way of giving it back to society.” He adds, “Not just with travel woes, but with queries on school admissions, groceries, or looking for domestic help, the group comes in handy.”

Such groups help in connecting the masses in testing times,” adds Shruti Mittal, from Gurgaon Connect, who formed the group two years back. Speaking on the same, she says, “We are getting minute by minute updates through group members, via posts and pictures which in turn is helping people to take decision in travelling. I felt the need to create a larger support group and a common platform where people can connect. I am in Delhi, and not been able to reach my son in Gurgaon due to traffic jam. And a lot of people came forward to help because of the forum.” 

Avoid venturing out as far as possible. People have given up all hopes of movement in traffic. This is signature tower flyover at 9:00 AM,” reads another post on the group Gurgaon Traffic Line. “All of us travel for minimum of 1 to 2 hours in Gurgaon and sharing traffic conditions of the city helps one another. The group was formulated with a view to address traffic conditions in Gurgaon to so that one can reach their destination safely and in lesser duration. This way we are keeping the environment clean, using lesser fuel and eventually saving money,”says Dinesh Aneja, founder Gurgaon Traffic Line. Apart from Facebook groups, Twitter handles such as @gurgaoncom, @hashgurgaon and Gurgaon_live too have been keeping residents and commuters up to date on the traffic situation. 

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