Bad weather? 5 tips to redecorate your pad for a rainy day!

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  • Updated: Aug 09, 2015 14:36 IST

You may love the ­pitter-patter of the rain falling on your window panes, but the ­monsoon can be a tough battle when you have to spend time indoors. If you have to be holed up indoors on a rainy day, make sure you’ve done your bit to brighten up your house for the dull season. Here are five easy tips to jazz up your pad:

1 Add a pop of colour
Small, simple yet elegant changes in the décor can make your home monsoon-ready — be it curtains, tablecloths or even a wall hanging in your living room. Bright and cheerful colours like coral and yellow are perfect to fight the monsoon blues.

2 Find the right fabric
Do not invest in thick materials such as heavy cotton. The rains call for light fabrics that dry easily, and do not smell damp. Therefore, ­fabrics with ­synthetic blends are a good idea.

3 Scent up your space
Is your house smelling musty due to the non-stop rain? You can avoid the damp smell with scented candles. They come in various fragrances. So, choose what suits you best.

4 Go natural with music
Sitting near the window and watching the raindrops is a favourite activity for many people. Whether you enjoy just sitting by the window or reading on a rainy day, putting up wind-chimes near the ­window is a good idea. The light tingling and chiming with the soft breeze will add a nice relaxing and musical touch to your day.

5 Art attack
While using vibrant coloured chinaware just for the monsoon is a good idea, you can also use this time to whip up some do-it-yourself projects. Handpaint your containers, vases or bowls to brighten up the table.

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