Anupama Chopra's review: Khiladi 786

  • Akshay Kumar and Asin

    Akshay Kumar and Asin will be romancing each other once again in the hardcore Bollywood masala film Khiladi 786! Watch out for their chemistry and ...

  • Khiladi 786

    Akshay Kumar takes his Khiladi fanchise forward with Khiladi 786, also starring Asin Thottumkal.

  • Khiladi 786

    The action-comedy flick is directed by Ashish R Mohan. 

  • Khiladi 786

    Akshay Kumar rocks in this desi look.

  • Khiladi 786

    Khiladi 786 is expected to be the biggest opener of Akshay Kumar's career.

  • khiladi

    Asin and Akshay Kumar make a rocking pair in action flick Khiladi 786.

  • khiladi

    Khiladi 786 marks the return of Akshay Kumar to his famous Khiladi film series after 12 years since he acted in Khiladi 420.

  • khiladi

    This will be the second film in which Akshay Kumar would be paired opposite Asin after Housefull 2.

  • khiladi

    Asin is seen in a Marathi avatar in a still from Khiladi 786.

  • khiladi

    Asin looks pretty in a black off-shoulder dress.

Khiladi 786
Direction: Ashish R Mohan
Actors: Akshay Kumar, Asin, Himesh Reshammiya, Mithun Chakraborty
: **

I’ve long maintained that Bollywood and Punjabi-ness are a perfect fit. Hindi films are designed to be larger-than-life, robust, brash.

The best are imbued with an inherent ‘masti’ or intoxication. In other words, Punjabi. But after watching Khiladi 786 – close on the heels of that other mind-numbing action-comedy, Son of Sardaar – I think it’s time for Bollywood to give Punjab a little rest.

In Khiladi 786, Akshay Kumar plays Bahattar Singh, an invincible son of the soil who at one point declares: Punjabi na toh chup chaap aate hain, na chup chaap jaate hain.

Bahattar Singh is a good-hearted goon who simply cannot find a wife. Enter actor-composer-writer-producer Himesh Reshammiya, playing a Gujarati wedding organiser who struggles to achieve the impossible by pairing Bahattar Singh with the unruly sister of the terrifying underworld don TTT or Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar, played by Mithun Chakraborty. That name, incidentally, is one of the funnier jokes in the film.

KhiladiOf course, this sitcom-style harebrained plot is merely a skeleton on which debutant director Ashish R Mohan drapes low-IQ humour, ear-splitting background music, cartoonish action sequences and several Reshammiya songs.

The trademark nasal voice insinuates itself into your brain and refuses to go away. So even as your head reels from the stupidity onscreen, you unwittingly hum along, Khiladi bhaiyya, khiladi bhaiyya.

Then, at one point in the film, Akshay breaks into a plaintive love song in Himesh’s voice. I laughed out loud.

All through, the funny bits were rare and mostly unintentional. Akshay swaggers above this messy material, which includes African-American characters and dancers in blackface.

If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would have been offended. Box office figures suggest that many people enjoy this school of cheerfully moronic cinema, but Khiladi 786 really isn’t my idea of a good time.


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