Kappal review: Sailing on stupidity

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times, Chennai
  • Updated: Dec 27, 2014 13:05 IST

Director: Karthik G Krish
Cast: Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa, Karunakaran, VTV Ganesh, Arjunan
Rating: 1.5/5

Five school friends in Kappal (Ship) take a solemn vow that they will never get married. For, women and marriage, they feel, will mar their relationship. If this is good enough for life-long celibacy, the plot that hinges on this premise ought to be good enough for a film that stretches for 156 minutes. But, sorry, this is not good enough reason for singlehood. And the story is not meaty enough for such length. So, what does writer-director Karthik G Krish do? He packs his movie with such silly situations that one can take a snooze and not miss anything.

Here are a few examples. The bridegroom shunned by the girl he wants to marry appears in the mandap in his underwear! Chloroform is sprayed, yes sprayed, into a room to knock a guy out so that a tattoo can be etched on his chest! Three of the five friends snatch an ice-cream literally from the mouth of a girl that the fourth is wooing!

And this is the centre point of the story: one guy falls in love and the others try turning his world upside down because they do not want him to marry. The only element that keeps the movie afloat (is this why it is called Ship, I wonder) is humour, snatches of which are interesting. As school boys, the friends fool their teacher by adding marks in their answer scripts and telling him that he has made a mistake in adding. Not too banal this one.

At other times, the jokes begin to appear sick. Imagine one of the characters (VTV Ganesh) telling the young men that 'rich girls are easy pick'. The girl is Deepika, played by Sonam Bajwa, who finds it as difficult to walk in her mini tights as she does to mouth her lines in Tamil. (Why cannot casting directors find Tamil speaking girls to do Tamil films?)

Sometimes, the wit is stupid. When Vasu (Vaibhav) - essaying Deepika's boyfriend - is accosted by ruffians ready to smash him into pulp, he suggests that they wage a non-violent war. Let it be verbal, and they trade the choicest of abuses - which are muted and left to a viewer's imagination. But we realise they are really vile when the goons begin to bleed from their ears!

Will Kappal cater even to the lowest common denominator? I am not sure. But with a budget of Rs 10 crores, Krish could have created a movie that would have made some kind of sense.

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