Movie review by Rashid Irani: X-Men is a mutant mash-up

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past

    The new X-Men Movie (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is scheduled to release on May 23. The film is inspired by the 1980 comic series ...

  • James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender

    Two Professors (James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart) and two Magnetos (Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender), young and old who are all reprising their roles.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Queen of the cyber perverts
    Jennifer Lawrence will once again essay the inimitable (pun intended) role of Mystique

  • Anna Paquin

    Oscar winner Anna Paquin will be playing Rogue again.

  • Ellen Page


    The recently out-of-the-closet Ellen Page plays Shadowcat, aka Kitty Pryde. Shadowcat can pass through solid matter. <Insert SCAT joke here>. In the comic book series, ...

  • Hugh Jackman

    And, of course, Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.

    If you've watched all the previous films in the series, watch this one closely: since it incorporates ...

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Direction: Bryan Singer
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence

They have seen a lot of action since their cinematic debut in 2000. Reassembling for the seventh installment of the titular franchise, the familiar band of mutants strives to save their species from extinction. But even viewers acquainted with the source, Marvel comics, may have to struggle to make sense of the labyrinthine time-travel plot.

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Worse, it’s difficult to keep track of the various extraneous characters whose super powers often seem a bit random. A feeling of deja vu sets in when in a post- apocalyptic wasteland rendered murkily discourtesy the 3D conversion, a handful of X-men (and women) have sought refuge from an army of lethal automatons. In a desperate bid for survival, the mutant elders and former rivals (Ian McKellen-Patrick Stewart) decide to send fearsome clansman (Jackman, channelling his inner minimal) back to the 1970s on a do-or-die mission.


Director Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two outings, reduces the narrative to a series of blurry action sequences. The screenplay alludes to the Vietnam War and the plight of the marginalised but collapses under the weight of its pretensions. The standout from the roster of new mutants is the super-speedy teenager (Evan Peters) who masterminds a prison break at the Pentagon.

A familiar president-in-peril situation is given a seeing is disbelieving spin when a soccer stadium is yanked from its foundation and dropped around the White House. Days of Future Past is X-tremely disappointing.


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