Rashid Irani review: Shark Night 3D

Actress Sara Paxton poses on a shark during an event for the movie Shark Night 3D held at the Comic-Con 2011 convention in San Diego.

Direction: David R Ellis
Cast: Sara Paxton, Justin Milligan 
Rating: **

Close on the fins of Piranha 3DD comes yet another soggy saga featuring man-eating fish, only this time it’s sharks doing the devouring.

Borrowing liberally from just about every popular fright flick of the recent past, the action — what little there is of it — moves to a saltwater lake in Louisiana. A handful of college students sets out for a weekend getaway at the vacation home of one of their classmates (Paxton).

Bad mistake.

For the next 80-odd minutes, viewers squirm in their seats as the nubile teens are torn to shreds by several species of ravenous shark.

The bad guys — a trio of local rednecks — are revealed relatively early on, leaving director Ellis, who crafted the tongue-in-cheek thriller Snakes on A Plane (2006), to concentrate on the bloody effects. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing we haven’t seen before. The silly screenplay is not nearly scary enough to be effective as horror.  As for the add-on third dimension, it’s entirely superfluous.

At least the gore quotient isn’t unduly excessive. And if you do stay on through the end credits, you’ll see an oddly compelling music video.


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