Rashid Irani's review: Man of Steel

  • Henry Cavill

    Superman is back and he's flying high! Here's a look at Zack Snyder's version of the DC Comics superhero in and as the Man Of ...

  • Superman

    Henry Cavill sure has the dishy looks, complete with the classic DC comics' square jaw, essentials for the Superman.

  • Immortals actor Henry Cavill

    Immortals actor Henry Cavill will be seen donning the 'cursed' suit of Superman this time as he stars as the Kryptonian Kal-El aka Clark Kent.

  • Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe will be seen playing the role of Kal-El's (Superman) biological father Jor-El.

  • Michael Shannon

    Michael Shannon plays the prime antagonist General Zod in Man of Steel.

  • Amy Adams

    The Master actress Amy Adams plays the female lead Lois Lane in Man of Steel.

  • Superman

    And Superman looks so grim and intense in this film that we can't even make our favourite 'It's a bird, it's a plane line..'

  • Man of Steel is the story of the young journalist Clark Kent

    Man of Steel is the story of the young journalist Clark Kent, who is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded ...

  • Henry Cavill and Amy Adams

    Henry Cavill and Amy Adams' chemistry will certainly be one of the things to look out for in Man of Steel.

Man of Steel
Direction: Zack Snyder
Actors: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams
Rating: **

Some two decades ago, Hollywood soothsayers had hazarded a guess: intimate dramas would become rare, comedies would continue at an even pace and mega-budget fantasies about messiahs endowed with unimaginable powers would become the predominant genre.

It would seem that they were absolutely correct, since disaster spectaculars have ushered in an era of super-heroes intent on saving the world, as we know it, from immediate extinction.

In the ongoing comic strips-to-film boom Superman Krypto-blasts back on to the big screen after a hiatus of seven years. A mix of effects-driven spectacle and visual razzmatazz, Man Of Steel is an overblown origin story.

Thankfully, the crusader in the scarlet cape retains his extraordinary abilities. Faster than a speeding bullet, he can leap over wide expanses in a single bound and even shoot laser beams from his eyes. An exceedingly lengthy prologue set on Krypton depicts the planet as a dystopia seething with danger and decay. Evidently influenced by the Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan (who serves as producer here), director Snyder (Watchmen) strives in vain to get the viewer to invest emotionally in the human-scale drama. The tonally erratic screenplay merely skims the surface of the source comics’ mythology. As usual, Superman struggles to keep his identity hidden from the earthlings around him. The dilemma of reconciling his inner turmoil with the responsibilities thrust upon him is resolved in a rather pat manner. Unspooling a slew of pulpy action set pieces the latest installment of the franchise which has limped to diminishing audience interest since the first feature back in 1978, charts the nomadic earth-bound life of the heroic alien via a chronologically-jumbled narrative. Undecided at first, the mightiest of heroes learns in due course to harness his legacy in order to protect mankind. A plot ploy introduces an all-new nemesis (Michael Shannon) who must be vanquished before it’s too late.

The movie springs into belated flight during the ferocious finale. The body count would turn mayhem-meisters Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay green with envy. Besides some blatant product placements, there are none-too-subtle allusions to the 9/11 devastation. A curiously empty exercise in blockbuster filmmaking, Man Of Steel is full of sound and fury signifying... you know what.


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