Rashid Irani's review: Men in Black 3

  • Men in Black

    The Men in Black are back how and guess what... this time there are 3 of them! Confused? Find out more about the third installment ...

  •  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

    The third installment of the MIB franchise stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

  • Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will once again pair up to put an end to slimy aliens.

  • Will Smith will be seen playing Agent J

    Will Smith will be seen playing Agent J.

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones reprises the role of Agent K.

  • Agent J and K

    Interestingly, the film has a new (or rather old) entrant, Josh Brolin, who plays Agent K of the past.

  • Agent K

    Agent J (Will Smith) has to go into the past to find the young Agent K in order to complete his mission.

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    The film even stars Nicole Scherzinger.

Men in Black 2
Barry Sonnenfeld
Actors: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
Rating: **1/2

The ultra-hip, alien-thwarting agents step out again after a ten-year absence. There’s a trippy time-travel twist at the core of the third installment of the sci-fi comedy series, besides a newly minted villain in the form of a one-armed intergalactic nasty.

Oh yes, and it’s filmed in the ubiquitous 3D format. But in most other ways, Men In Black 3 is no different from the original 1997 blockbuster or its underwhelming 2002 follow-up.

The freshness is gone and there’s precious little chemistry between the two leads. Indeed, Tommy Lee Jones is relegated to the background with barely 15 minutes of screen time.

The basic storyline here is decidedly sketchy. This time around, Will Smith is forced to travel back to 1969 in order to prevent his former partner, portrayed as a young man by Josh Brolin, from being killed.

With a little bit of help from an alien clairvoyant (Michael Stuhlbarg), they succeed in saving planet earth from annihilation. Thanks guys.

Their quest takes them from a freaky Chinese restaurant in Manhattan to the site of the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. An interlude at Andy Wahrol’s adda for artists called “The Factory” is a tame, guffaw-free affair.

Add to the scenario, outrageous special effects, mandatory chases (one on souped-up monocycles, no less) and a parade of tentacled  thingies designed by make-up maestro Rick Baker, and presto, you get yet another silly but nevertheless mildly entertaining threequel. 


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