Rashid Irani's review: Street Dance 2

Out of sync, but rescued by great dancing

Street Dance 2
Direction: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini
Voices: Falk Hentshcel, Sofia Boutella
Rating: **
There isn't anything remotely original about this sequel to the successful 2010 British dance-flick. Teeming with every conceivable teen-dance cliché, it is further hampered by hokey dialogue, unconvincing characters and stilted acting.

Of course, all these flaws cease to matter once the dancing starts. Co-directors Max and Dania (listed only by their first names in the credits) manage to pull out all the stops when the hoofers hit the floor. There's a pulsating music score and some well-staged routines, particularly when the sultry salsa siren (Boutella) takes centre-stage.

She gets drawn into the multinational crew, most of whom are unfortunate stereotypes, led by a surly street dancer (Hentschel). Will the couple fall in love? Can the disparate dancers get along?

More crucially, can they defeat their invincible rivals at the titular competition in Paris?

Yes, it's numbingly predictable. You have been forewarned.


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