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Sarit Ray's review: Warning

movie reviews Updated: Sep 28, 2013 15:35 IST
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Direction: Gurmeet Singh
Actors: Manjari Fadnis, Varun Sharma, Sumit Suri, Santosh Barmola
Rating: *

Generally speaking, the genre of shark-eats-man isn’t made for critical acclaim. It is to — pardon the expression — feed a certain appetite for such cinema. Yes, Jaws (1975) was a trendsetter, and there are a few exceptions. But so many other films with near-identical elements have been made that the makers ran out of creativity even with the titles — Jaws: The Revenge, Shark Night, Shark Attack, Shark Zone… you get the picture. Yet, like so many done-to-death Hollywood ideas, this one too gets an Indian version. Ra.One director Anubhav Sinha (executive producer) tries to sell this one as the “first Hindi 3D underwater film”. Unfortunately, the novelty begins and ends there.

An exercise in sheer daftness sees a group of friends stuck mid-Pacific Ocean. How? Because everyone jumped off a private yacht, and forgot to lower the stairs – the only way to get back on. What is more incredible, however, is that the rest of the film hinges on this tepid premise, as everyone flails about witlessly, without one sound idea between seven people.

Of course, there are sharks in the water. But compared to the kind of savage ones you see in this kind of formulaic nonsense, the ones Sinha hired seem docile, almost aquarium-bred. So, there’s enough time for a catfight in the water, a domestic squabble, even a rekindling of old love. Oh, and throw in a couple of theme songs and panorama shots of the sky and the sea when, really, the sharks should be eating, and the people trying to stop getting eaten. The fact that, in spite of the complete lack of urgency, the film has a run time of just 109 minutes, proves how limited it is in its scope. A good dose of CGI-aided violence is what this genre primarily has to offer. Unfortunately, even that is missing from Warning. As for the 3D, it is dark and fuzzy, so if you must, go for a regular 2D show. Better yet, stay at home and watch Jaws on DVD, or get a copy of Open Water (2003), about a couple who go diving and then get stuck in shark-infested water. Sounds familiar? Well, they all do.