The Lazarus Effect review by Rashid Irani: A strict no-no

  • Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Mar 07, 2015 14:02 IST

Direction: David Gelb
Actors: Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde
Rating: .5/5

An addition to the ever-burgeoning number of dismal Hollywood horror flicks, The Lazarus Effect is devoid of scares, jolts or sufficient dread. Mercifully, at least the gore quotient is negligible.

The central conceit of the cockamamie script revolves around the possibility of bringing the dead back to life.

A wanna-play-God team of researchers led by a scientists-and-lovers duo ( Duplass–Wilde) can apparently resuscitate the recently deceased. Starting with pigs and moving up the food chain to canines, they eventually try to reanimate one of their own after she is electrocuted.

Even as the rest of the team begins to doubt the wisdom of the experiment, the risen-from-the-dead woman goes ballistic. Cue plenty of spiritual as well as psychological mumbo-jumbo and repeated superfluous intercuts to a fiery accident in her childhood.

A cacophonous background score acts as a substitute for any real plot development. Given that the proceedings have none of the virtues — or, for that matter, fun — of the horror genre, The Lazarus Effect is a strict no-no.

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