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5 must-try coffee and food pairings

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Sep 20, 2016 15:30 IST
Compiled by Soma Das

Espresso tastes best with cookies and sandwiches

Food pairing is not just for wine lovers. Just like wine, certain dishes work well with different kinds of coffee. So next time you step into your favourite coffee shop, follow this quick guide to enjoying your coffee better.

* Espresso

What is it: Brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee.

Tastes best with: sandwiches, pasta, pizza, French fries, cookies, bread.

* Filter coffee

What is it: ground coffee kept inside a chamber and filled with hot water, which filters down.

Tastes best with: South Indian items like dosa and idli.

* Cappucino

What is it: Foamed milk and espresso.

Tastes best with: Hot dogs, cheese sandwiches, samosa.

* Latte

What is it: Steamed milk and espresso.

Tastes best with: Cookies, pastries, anything with chocolate.

* Frappe

What is it: A coffee drink blended with ice.

Tastes best with: Sandwiches, omelette, samosa and pakora.

-Inputs by Kunal Ross, founder of The Indian Bean and Jignesh Shah, founder of Jewel Aromantic.