A year on, Mumbai’s first heart transplant patient is back to his busy life

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 04, 2016 14:18 IST
Doctors had detected Anwar Khan with dilated cardio myopathy, a condition where the heart muscles are too weak to pump blood.

It has been a year since the first successful heart transplant surgery in Mumbai and 23-year-old Anwar Khan, the recipient of the transplanted heart, is back to his busy life. Khan, who will soon start working to support his family, confirmed that he prays for the well-being of the family of donors who gave him a new lease of life.

On August 4, 2015, Khan underwent the first successful heart transplant of Mumbai after a 42-year-old woman was pronounced brain-dead at Jahangir Hospital in Pune and the family agreed to a cadaver donation. This was the successful heart transplant in Mumbai after 47 years.

Anwar was brought to the hospital after he slipped in the bathroom and lost consciousness. He had developed paralysis as a result of a blood clot. Doctors had detected him with dilated cardio myopathy, a condition where the heart muscles are too weak to pump blood.

Anwar said his life is back to what it was before, apart from the minor health precautions that he has to take. His family initially was worried about the sudden drop in his weight, but Khan, with his routine diet and exercise, has regained his strength within a year.

“I had to leave my studies last year because of my health. I even stayed in isolation for three months where people would talk to me wearing masks. But now I am better, I am watching movies, going to gym, practicing yoga and will soon apply for a job as well,” said Khan.

Doctors confirmed that after dosage of immunosuppressants was reduced, Anwar is now on minimal medication. His father said Khan has already applied for a fashion designing course and will complete his further studies. “He has taken admission for B Com in Bharat College and will also be looking at courses in fashion designing. The family is extremely happy that our son who was lying on his deathbed almost a year ago is healthy and smiling again,” said Jamil Khan, his father.

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