40-year-old railway staffer found murdered at SGNP

A railway employee was found murdered at the Mama Bhanja Hill inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park on Wednesday. Police identified the body from a payslip in the pocket of the man’s clothes.

Ramesh Dethe, 40, who worked with the press department of the railways, was a resident of the Vishnunagar, Dombivli.

PSI Manik Pawar of Srinagar police station, Thane, said, “On Wednesday afternoon, a visitor went to answer nature’s call at the Mama-Bhanja hill inside the park when he got a terrible stink. He went to investigate the source of the smell and found the body. He immediately called the police who arrived and found that the body was decomposed and beyond identification. The face and head had been smashed with the stone. But, the police found a payslip in the pocket of the man’s clothes and contacted his family at Dombivli. The man’s wife has identified the body.”

The wife told us that on Saturday her husband went to office as usual and never returned. She told the police that her husband was an alcoholic.

The police checked Dethe’s office records and found that on Saturday he was at work up to 9pm. Dethe’s body has been sent for a post mortem and investigation is underway.


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