86.4% Indian PhDs in US plan to stay there

India continues to be an unattractive destination for PhD students completing their degrees at US universities. The latest statistics, which are part of the ‘Survey of Earned Doctorates’, reveal that off the 13,744 Indian PhD recipients at US universities between 2005 and 2011, 86.4% said they wanted to stay on in the US.

These findings come at a time when the Indian government is planning to increase the number of PhDs, expand research scope and has sought to fill faculty shortfalls across institutes.

According to these figures, which were released by the National Science Foundation in the US three months ago, students from Iran (89%), Nepal (86.7%) were the least likely to return to their homeland. China (86.4%) shared the third position with India.

“China the emerging [or emerged] superpower and India [a country actively wooing expatriates] do not seem attractive destinations for recently graduated US PhDs,” wrote P Balaram in the editorial of the latest issue of the journal Current Science. And, incidentally, China followed by India has the most international PhD students at US universities.

“Students might get used to a cozy life there and assume that there aren’t good enough research facilities here or that the salaries here are lower,” said GD Yadav, director of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga.


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