Chaos at Churchgate as railway manager pays surprise visit

The evening peak hour at Churchgate station became chaotic due to a surprise visit by the railway officials at 6.20pm for about 30 minutes.

The team led by the divisional railway manager Girish Pillai inspected the ongoing work at the station, including the demolished railway police building. “We inspected work on Churchgate station which is on track and will meet the deadline,” said Pillai.

During this time, the commuters were hustling for space as Pillai was surrounded by his officials and the railway police. The problems were more on platform 4, which is being modified and extended.

Even the officials found it difficult to inspect work with commuters boarding and alighting from a running train.

Pillai and his team began by visiting platforms 3 and 4 that are being extended for accommodating 15-coach trains. Once the work is complete, 15-coach trains would run up to Churchgate — currently they terminate at Dadar station. They also checked the current status of work done on platforms and roofs covering them.


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