Dahi handi celebrations in Mumbai end on sad note, two paralysed

  • Dahi handi

    Devotees attempt to break the "Dahi handi," an earthen pot filled with curd. AP

  • Dal Handi

    Devotees dance after breaking the "Dahi handi," an earthen pot filled with curd. AP

  • Dahi Handi

    Devotees tumble as they try to form a human pyramid. Reuters

  • Dal Handi

    Devotees dance after successfully forming a human pyramid to break a clay pot. Reuters

  • Dal Handi

    Govindas form human pyramids to break the dahi-handi, curd-pot, during celebrations of Janmashtami. Kunal Patil/HT

  • Dal Handi

    Devotees build a pyramid in an attempt to break the "Dahi handi," an earthen pot filled with curd. AP

  • Sharukh

    Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan breaking the Dhahi Handi during Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai on Thursday. PTI

The dahi handi celebrations across the city were marred by injuries to Govinda group members.

Govinda reveller Shashikant Mane, 24, was paralysed in all four limbs (quadriplegia) after he sustained an injury to his spinal cord, when the human pyramid he was a part of collapsed.

He was on the fourth tier and has been participating in the event for six to seven years, said his friends.

“Our mandal usually breaks dahi handis in Vasai and Virar region, but this time we were invited by a Thane mandal where this unfortunate incident happened. He can’t move his limbs,” said his friend Satyajeet Morya.

Another govinda, Mahadev, suffered paraplegia (paralysis below the waist), in a similar accident on Thursday.

Nine people were admitted to the KEM hospital’s orthopedic department.

Compared to 100 patients last year, the number of injured went up to 365 this year.

Of them, 307 were discharged from hospital after first aid.

Meanwhile 58 govindas are still recuperating at the hospitals.

Dahi handi celebrations in Mumbai

“A few suffered fractures, while most of the injured came with abrasions and weakness,” said Dr Avinash Supe, dean of Sion hospital. However, more than 25 govindas taken to the KEM Hospital had suffered severe head injuries.

In a freak accident, three youngsters fell off a moving truck after being hit by a dahi handi rope. “All of them were not a part of the pyramid.

They were sitting on top of the truck and suddenly, the rope hit their neck and they fell off the moving truck,” said Ravi Devgande, who was also on the truck.

Two of the three injured were taken to KEM Hospital, while one of them was admitted to Sion Hospital.

“He had taken my permission before leaving. I never thought that he would meet with an accident,” said mother of Sandesh Rane, 18, one of the three injured.

A 19-year-old student died after a private bus ran over him when he fell off the bike he was riding pillion on in Bandra (East).

The deceased was on his way to participate in a dahi handi celebration with two others on the bike when the incident occurred. The driver, Praveen Shinde, has been arrested. 


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