Dirty deeds: IIT-B students tell all on new Facebook page

A newly uploaded Facebook community page where Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) students have been writing about their campus experience, including sexual escapades, has captured the attention of the student community there.

If the uploaded Facebook community page set up a day ago is any indicator, bizarre things happen in the leafy environs of IITB’s Powai campus.

Students have ‘confessed’ to have thrown computers off their balconies, bribed teaching assistants, eaten free meals at the canteen, indulged in sexual escapades and other kinds of risqué and contraband activities on campus.

The newly set up page, IITB Confessions, allows students - both past and present - to confess anonymously their on-campus activities through a link from where posts are then uploaded on the Facebook page.

With nearly 100 confessions and more than 1,700 ‘likes’ in the space of merely a day, the page has become hot talking about among the students.

“Everyone in the campus is talking about these confessions,” said a student. “It’s the most entertaining thing on campus we have right now.”

The page invites students to confess, with the tagline, “Polt, Tharkaap, Murder, #whatever. Get it off your chest.”

It is along the lines of other campus confessional Facebook pages such as Harvard Confessions and Stanford Confessions.

“I’ve read some of the confessions and am pretty sure that many are just not true,” said another student who dismissed the posts. “Some of it just comes from attention-seeking and general boredom.”

With exams being currently held on campus, the page is a stress-relief mechanism, said students.


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