DP for residential, commercial development at Madh Island

  • Kunal Purohit, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 03, 2015 00:35 IST

The tranquil weekend getaway of Madh Island could see sea changes to its character, if the proposed development plan (DP) for the city goes through.

The draft DP has marked large swathes of what are currently no-development zones (NDZ) in Madh and nearby areas like Erangal and Patil Wadi, as residential-commercial zones. This means large parts of the island have been thrown open to be developed as residential and commercial properties, with an FSI allocation of 2 for the entire stretch. This is a massive rise from the existing FSI of 0.2 that the area as an NDZ, was eligible to use.

The changes to FSI and the marking of Madh as a residential-commercial zone will lead to the construction of high-rises that will eat up fields and wetlands in what was one of the few areas in the city with low-rise development. Further, the proposed coastal road will make the area more accessible, and to cater to this increased footfall, there will be more construction.

Voices of dissent have started emerging from the local Koli and East Indian Catholic communities that live in the area. They have started meeting to plan on how to oppose the provisions in the DP.

“Such provisions will only lead to reckless and haphazard development in Madh. We are not against the city’s growth, but it has to be sustainable. We will strongly oppose the plan,” said Rajesh Mangela, from the Maharashtra Machimar Kruti Samiti.

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