Exams queer World Cup pitch for students in Mumbai

The precision seems almost perverse. The month-and-a-half-long cricket World Cup, beginning on February 19, coincides with the board exam period, and the overlap has students distraught.

The ICSE, CBSE and state board exams begin in the third week of February. The World Cup ends with the finals, on April 2. 

“It’s really annoying, but what to do?” said a doleful Mitul Jhaveri, 16, a student of Activity School, Gamadia Road, and an avid cricket fan. “I’ll probably end up watching just the last overs of the India matches. And my dad will have to restrict himself too, so I don’t get tempted to watch.”

Sumeet Savant, 15, who will be appearing for the ICSE exams in March, has already worked out his strategy to deal with the jinx. His father will be controlling the television, and has disconnected the set in the run-up to the exams.

“I’m going to study really hard till February 18, then I can at least watch the Indian innings of all the India matches,” said Savant. “Since most of the matches are day-night games that start at 2 pm, I will be able to watch as soon as the exam end and before I start studying for the next paper.”

The fact that he has tickets to the finals at Wankhede on April 2 also help make Savant’s ordeal easier to bear. Other woeful students have pointed out some spots of succour. “At least the exams get over before the finals and start after the opening ceremony,” said Pratik Deshpande, 16, who will be appearing for his CBSE school final exams in March.


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