Fake Facebook profile of Shaheen worries parents

A fake Facebook profile of Shaheen Dhada — the girl arrested over a post on Facebook protesting the city’s shutdown because of Bal Thackeray's funeral is yet active. Shaheen’s family is afraid of its misuse now. 

The girl decided to quit Facebook after irate Shiv Sainik’s ransacked the hospital of her uncle Dr Abdul Dhada and her subsequent arrest. The family had given an application to the Palghar police on Monday when they learned that a fake profile is being operated under her name.

Shaheen’s family members say that the account could be misused to propagate wrong information. “The fake profile could be misused. We will not be responsible if some posts are made from a fake account. We have decided to remind the police to delete the fake profile,” said Farooq Dhada, Shaheen’s father.

Shaheen’s counsel Sudhir Gupta said, “The police should have a mechanism to delete such accounts quickly. This is an offence and police should nail the culprits doing it.” 

Palghar police claimed that action was taken on the day they received the application. “We had deleted the account on the same day but it seems that a new fake account has been created. We will verify this and initiate action,” said S Pingale, senior police inspector, Palghar police station.   

The fake profile already has 1820 friends. The profile shows a girl with her mouth taped, showing the death of the freedom of speech.


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