Fix flaws in IIT-JEE reforms, alumni to ask HRD minister

Alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are looking to take up the contentious matter of entrance exam reforms once again, now that the new human resource development minister M Pallam Raju has taken charge. They are seeking an appointment to bring to his notice what they claim are flaws in the revised system. A letter from alumni was sent to the minister’s office on Wednesday.

In July the IITs agreed to a two-part exam and the use of board exam marks as an eligibility and not admission criterion.
It was decided that from next year students would have to clear both exams and be within the top 20 percentile of successful candidates in their Class 12 board to get admission.

He said that the SC had earlier said that the criteria for an entrance exam cannot be uncertain – in the case of a student’s IIT admission, the top 20%ile eligibility would vary from year to year depending on relative performance.
Further, a student might be declared ineligible after clearing both exams because he/ she was not in the top 20 percentile of their Class 12 board.

“There are judgements which come in the way of the new structure and format of the new IIT-JEE,” the letter addressed to the minister says.

It continues, “We are looking to your help to remedy the situation and to help IIT retain its high standards.”
The alumni had vehemently opposed the ministry’s attempts at changing the JEE claiming the plans interfered with the autonomy that IITs enjoyed. They also said that the IIT brand would be diluted on account of the changed admission procedure. So, a compromise was made, with the IITs agreeing to a two-part exam with board marks as an eligibility, not admission


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