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Free will not free

mumbai Updated: May 28, 2011 01:17 IST
MN Kundu
MN Kundu
Hindustan Times
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Free will, destiny and fate had a great debate. Free will forcefully heralded with his masculine pride, “If anybody exercises free will to construct his thoughts and actions his future is bound to be accordingly shaped. Man enjoys the freedom to think and act for his betterment and the law of karma looks him after. Human civilisation has made onward progress and great men have always progressed by virtue of the exercise of free will and non- acceptance of existing state of affairs as destiny.”

Destiny replied with her enchanting smile, “My role begins after your role ends. When the arrow is shot, it is bound to hit. There is no scope for exercising any free will to avert the same. Giving outcome of the past actions is my domain. Can anybody avoid that which becomes inevitable due to past actions? Moreover, free will may not always bear fruit due to environmental obstacles. Everybody tries but how many succeed in spite of exercise of strong free will?”

Fate with his divine grace summed up, “Once someone exercises free will out of deep driving desire and acts accordingly, destiny is usually developed. But is the root cause of success hidden in free will? Isn’t the free will too dependent on deep driving desire, motivation and inclination? Is free will really free? Can the mother exercise her free will to ignore the child or she is bound by love and affection? Can a lover desist from misplaced love? Education, intellect and experience entirely fail to develop intended free will.”

He went on, “Can a man develop intense urge for enlightenment like the Buddha or aspiration like Einstein? What you call free will is never free but entirely dependent on something higher over which we have no control. It is not possible to develop the same without inspiration from within.”

Finally, they concluded together that everything in the universe has a specific role to play as per some mysterious cosmic design. We cannot deviate much from the script. But this stupendous drama disappears from the cosmic movie screen of eternal nothingness when perfect illumination of enlightenment takes place.