Frogs, prosthetic legs among items left behind on flights

Frogs, prosthetic legs, wigs and a wedding proposal were some unusual items left behind on airlines, according to a survey.

The survey, conducted by Skyscanner, a travel portal, polled cabin crew from 700 airlines operating out of 83 countries including India and found a list of items passengers left behind.

While passports (24%), phones (23%) and books (21%) were most commonly forgotten, the list also had pets such as parrots, falcons, frogs and a tortoise being left behind.

Some fliers also forgot artificial body parts such as prosthetic legs, dentures and a glass eye, the survey said.

“Forgetting one’s personal belongings on planes is a common phenomenon.

But the variety of leftover items was bizarre,” said Kavitha Gnanamurthy, market development manager, Skyscanner (India).An independent report released by British carrier Virgin Atlantic in May, showed items such as reading glasses, headphones, make-up kits and baby strollers were commonly unclaimed items on board.

Airline staffers said forgotten items were delivered to passengers who had registered their phone numbers with the airline’s call centres.

“But we auction or donate items that have not been claimed for more than six months,” said a terminal staffer with a private airlines in India, on condition of anonymity.

Another airline staffer said that number of such items have come down courtesy last minute on board announcements.

The trend is widespread at airports.

The amount of baggage lost at the Mumbai airport has grown 10-fold, from 1,190 in 2006 to 12,580 in 2011.

Until last May, 4,840 bags and goods worth approximately Rs2.26 crore were still unclaimed at the city airport.


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