Funds needed to help clear pending cases

To clear the huge backlog of pending cases in the state courts, the state judiciary has now asked the state to clear funds for proposals that can help evenly distribute cases among the courts.

If cleared, existing courts will deal with a specific number of cases only and the rest would be transferred to new courts set up under the reform proposals.

The state judiciary has now asked the government to sanction funds for proposals worth Rs436.50 crore. These proposals include extensive repair of dilapidated court buildings, construction of new courts and appointment of new judges and magistrates across the state.

The state judiciary has stated that around 3.86 lakh cases are pending with the 75 magistrate courts across the city. Thus, each magistrate court is burdened with more than 5,000 cases. In Pune, 2.24 lakh cases are pending with 75 courts, and each court is dealing with more than 3,000 cases.

In the chief justice conference in 2004, the ideal judge to case ratio was fixed at 500 cases per court for a district or senior division judge and 600 for magistrate courts.

To tackle the large backlog of pending cases, the chief justice of the Bombay high court had in a meeting held on December 18 last year with the chief minister proposed reforms in the judicial system.

The chief justice has suggested that a district court should have a maximum of 1,000 cases and a magistrate's court should only have 1,200 cases, sources revealed.


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