Here’s your chance to walk on the moon

  • Riddhi Doshi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 02, 2015 20:34 IST

For those who have lived through the 1960s, images of the first man landing on the moon remain an indelible memory, and so it was with artist Narendra Yadav, 50.

“I grew up with the images of the moon landing, as did everyone else my age, but my desire to walk on the moon did not fade with age,” said Yadav.

An attempt to create such an experience for himself and others resulted in Yadav’s latest project, My Lunatic Instinct, on display as part of a two-day night exhibition at Gallery Maskara in Colaba.

Here, a giant camera lens will track the moon and relay highdefinition images, in real time, onto a convex surface constructed in the gallery. In the darkened room, the projection will give visitors a close-up experience of Earth’s nearest neighbour.

“It’s art with intrigue,” said Yadav. “Walking on the experiential space, on actual images of the surface of the moon, further heightens man’s mystical relationship with this heavenly body, underlining the poetry of that relationship.”

Gallerist Abhay Maskara said: “For Yadav, a conceptual artist, this project is in line with his quest to understand the role of images in the contemporary world and how they form and shape its cultural fabric.”

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