Hospital staff let out their quarters

  • Priya Prabhakaran, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Feb 19, 2011 01:34 IST

The superintendent of Cama Hospital has issued notices to three employees for illegally renting their hospital quarters to outsiders.

The matter came to light when two families living illegally in the hospital premises had a spat earlier this week and one of them sought help from members of a Dongri gang. About eight people from the gang entered the hospital compound near CST on motorcycles and threatened family members of John D’souza with a gun on Tuesday night.

The incident has shaken residents comprising hospital staff and students who feel security should be tightened at the hospital especially since it was one of the sites attacked during the November 26, 2008, terror attack.

The hospital quarters are meant for staff and students and the hospital rules prohibit sub-letting. However, people residing on the compound said illegal renting of the quarters is rampant.

“There could be more people residing illegally in hospital premises. I have ordered superintendents to conduct a survey and find out how many more people are residing illegally in the hospital quarters,” said Dr TP Lahane, dean of JJ Hospital.

The hospital has issued notices to ward boys Siddharth Mohite and Mahadev Gulambe and telephone operator Sunil Ware for sub-letting their quarters.

According to residents, the D’souza family, which resides in Gulambe’s quarter, had a fight with Ramesh Patekar’s family members, residing in Mohite’s quarter, on Tuesday. Patekar’s daughter had allegedly teased a guest who arrived at the D’souza residence. Patekar then allegedly sought help from the gang.

“Some unknown people arrived in bikes an hour after the fight. They tried to scare D’souza’s family with a gun,” said a neighbour, who did not wish to be named.

On Wednesday, 30 people residing in the hospital staff quarters signed a complaint to stop the illegal practice of renting hospital quarters to outsiders. Families of both Patekar and D’souza were asked to vacate the quarters within a day.

While the D’souza family has left the premises, Patekar’s family continues to reside there. A third family also living illegally on the premises has also been asked to leave.

“The outsiders have been staying here for years. Some staff members are making money by renting their quarters,” said a ward boy.

“We feel unsafe leaving our families alone at home when he have to do night duty,” he added.


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