ISIS case: ATS calls 2 Kalyan men for ‘assistance’

  • Faisal Tandel, Hindustan Times, Kalyan
  • Updated: Dec 02, 2014 21:58 IST

Two youngsters from Kalyan, one of whom is a businessman and the other the chief of an Islamic organisation in the area, were called to the anti-terrorism squad (ATS) office in Thane on Tuesday, in connection with the ISIS case.

ATS officers made it clear the men were not summoned so they could be interrogated, but so they could help officers crack the case.

Areeb returned to the city on Friday after six months in the ISIS. The ATS now wants to find out how he was indoctrinated. They called the two youngsters in order to get details about the use of videos, social networking sites and pamphlets to influence members of the youth to join the ISIS’ campaign.

After receiving phone calls from the ATS, the two men reached the office on Tuesday morning. Barring a break for lunch, they were at the office till 5pm.

“We asked them to assist us in the case. We want to find out how the four youngsters used social networking sites and videos. Since they spoke in Urdu, we could not understand some words. They shared a book that the organisation distributes, so we can check for propagandist statements in them. They are locals from the area,” said an ATS officer.

The four young men from Kalyan – Areeb Majeed, Aman Tandel, Fahad Shaikh and Shahim Tanki –left Mumbai on May 23. “Two more youngsters from Kalyan were going to join them. We are trying to find out why they didn’t go, whether there are local contacts who brainwash the youngsters, or people who provide funds. We are also trying to find out the present scenario in Kalyan, after Areeb’s return,” said the officer. The two men were called for questioning earlier as well.

The principal from a college in Navi Mumbai has also come under the ATS’ scanner, for his possible involvement in indoctrinating the youngsters.

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