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It’s all quite hellish, but Mumbai is still home

mumbai Updated: Jun 06, 2010 00:21 IST

Commuting by awfully crowded trains and BEST buses to one’s place of work in the morning and back home in the evening is the unhappiest of rituals for Mumbaiites. The dreaded rail commute was the main reason that forced me to take voluntary retirement nine years ago.
Garbage and filth, stray dogs and dog poops, slums, beggars and noise pollution make us feel that we are condemned to
live with the scourge for all our life in the city.
Water shortages, power failures, adulterated milk, water, fruits and vegetables have become our constant companions.
The very thought of dealing with corrupt bureaucrats and municipal staff, police and courts, are the other unhappiest moments for Mumbaikars.
Nevertheless, I can’t think of any other city to live the rest of my life.
K.P. Rajan

Consumerism is the main evil
We Indians have come full circle on consumerism.
With better economic conditions, mushrooming mall and aping the West, Indians are turning into big spenders. People are spending for things they don’t really need.
An Indian metropolitan individual runs after career, status and style. There is soaring materialism, competition, stress, anxiety and depression.
A plethora of luxury brands is responsible for this rabid fall in spiritual values.
If we have to ape the West, let us emulate their good points such as cleanliness.
Rashika Vazirani

Rising prices stress us out
Unhappiness is a state of mind and differs from person to person. It may even vary within the same person, depending on his mood and circumstance. Some of the reasons that make a Mumbaiite unhappy are:
n Continuously rising expenses that overshoot one’s income and basic necessities get transformed into luxuries.
n Stress is another cause. It comes from travelling in over-crowded public transport, tension at workplaces, unfulfilled tasks and responsibilities. The list is endless.
n Not being satisfied with
what we have leads to unhappiness. Higher the expectations, more are the chances of being unhappy.
Prem K. Menon

Let’s get our priorities right
Life is about priorities. We must get our priorities right if we want to succeed and be happy.
Unhappiness is not caused by what happens to us but by how we interpret what happens to us.
For some unfortunate people, basic survival is the objective of their lives. For others, whose basic needs are met, happiness is the objective.
Bhalchandra and Ashalata Waghe

I blame it on the migrants
The main reason of Mumbai’s unhappiness is the unrestricted influx of migrants from all across the country. There is no doubt that nobody can stop this menace constitutionally.
But such an influx leads to the unbearable overcrowding in trains, on the streets and leads to crimes such as rapes, robberies and bootlegging.
This influx also leads to illegal construction of slums that are then turned into vote banks. These slums steal water and electricity and create filth.
Hansraj Bhat

We are just too
busy surviving
Most people living in Mumbai are unhappy, and their struggle for survival is the main reason for this.
Although Mumbai is the country’s financial capital, a major portion of its population is unhappy for this one reason.
Bhagwan B. Thadani