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Life is beautiful. Don’t give up on it

It is depressing that teenagers have started taking their lives because of problems that can be sorted out. To stop this, parents should understand their children and children, on their part, should think about their parents.

mumbai Updated: Jan 17, 2010 01:23 IST

It is depressing that teenagers have started taking their lives because of problems that can be sorted out. To stop this, parents should understand their children and children, on their part, should think about their parents.
Being a teenager, I can understand what we feel when our life is low. It’s quite normal for us to feel that parents should not interfere in our matters. Although this cannot happen all the time, parents can try and not interfere in some things.
We may think that committing suicide is no big deal, but it definitely is a big deal to stand on our own feet and prove ourselves.
It has been rightly said that where there is a will there is a way. We should all make use of the beautiful life we have got.
Don’t give up on life, face it.

take time out,
talk to others
The reasons for suicides are varied: financial limitations, parental pressure and expectations, the glitz and glamour of the globalised world and the inability to cope with it. But in each case, the root cause for taking such a drastic step is frustration.
Suggesting ways to stop suicides is not easy.
Togetherness can be a remedy for coming out of this miserable state of mind.
Families are drifting apart and loneliness is creeping into our lives. One does not get anybody to speak to.
Each member of the family should make an effort to take time out from their busy schedules so that problems can be discussed and shared.
One has to understand that problems are a part of life but extreme measures will not help. Problems can be solved with positive thinking and support from family and friends.
Motivate, don’t
terrify children
Parents should avoid criticising, blaming and taunting their children, making comparisons with other children and making them afraid of their examinations. Instead, they should help them build self-esteem, increase their confidence and impart leadership qualities to them.
Parents have a responsibility towards them. We have to bring them up in a happy, fun and stress-free atmosphere. It is wrong to keep breathing down their neck all the time about the importance of marks. Out of confusion, desperation and depression, a youngster then takes the drastic step.
We need to be their emotional support. We have to be sensitive to their needs, fears and insecurities. We should let them follow their own desire and not parents’ desires. A satisfied and happy child will not harbour suicidal thoughts.

life isn’t all about marksheets
To read about youngsters killing themselves is terrible.
Parents pressure their children to study and excel in their examinations. But most of the people who have excelled in life have had little to do with education.
Education is important, but it is not the only aspect of life. If a child has cleared all his subjects in an examination, why pressure him to come first in class or get an ‘A’ in every subject?
Parents should understand that children must learn the basics of living a good life and earn enough to be self-sufficient when they grow older. That’s all that should matter.

Slow down, explore your creativity
Students should put the brakes on their fast-paced lives. They work long hours because they feel insecure about examinations, and many of them face psychological problems such as depression, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks.
All this may make them suicidal.
Students should try to relieve their stress and explore their creative side. They should realise that committing suicide ends a life but not relationships — a family can never replace someone it has lost.
Education is admirable, but everything that is worth knowing cannot be taught. As long as youngsters keep upgrading and fine-tuning their skills and work sincerely, they will be successful.
One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

Catch symptoms early, get help
Depression is a state of being in a low mood, with an aversion to activity.
You can avoid it by listening to music and trying your hand at board games and table tennis. Students should not be overburdened with studies and should take part in sports.
When we think of a depressed child, we often envision a morose child who is consistently sad. However, sadness may not be the symptom that defines depression in children.
A study by researchers at the Columbia University reported that bad parenting might put children at high risk of anxiety and depression. These are the main reasons for most of the suicides in India.
More than 18 million people suffer from depression every year. Many never seek treatment although the condition can be tackled with effective therapies and medication.
If remedial measures are taken in time, the suicide rate will drop among students.