Maharashtra: Now, RTOs to restrict entry of training school, union staffers

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jan 28, 2015 20:52 IST

After the crackdown on agents and touts, regional transport offices (RTO) in Maharashtra will now restrict the entry of motor training schools and union's staffers, who also allegedly do the work of agents.

Besides restricting the entry of staffers of the training schools and unions, RTOs' will also keep their numbers limited, depending upon the work load.

"Depending upon the number of applications, we are going to allow only the required number of them to enter the RTO premises," said Prabhakar Bhalerao, regional transport officer at Andheri, adding that their entry will be restricted to a particular section only.

The job of training school staffers is limited to driving tests and that of the union staffers is to help their union members, but there have been complaints in the past that these staffers were acting as agents and charging money from the public.

In the wake of such complaints, transport commissioner office had directed RTOs to take immediate steps and therefore, the RTO offices will allow staffers of only registered unions to enter the RTO premises.

"Only after submitting details about the members, registration, certificate and audit report, selected number of staffers of unions will be allowed to enter inside RTO," said Bhalerao.

From January 17, all RTOs have stopped the entry of illegal agents inside their office premises, as per the directives of transport commissioner Mahesh Zagade, who has warned stern action against those who disobey the directives.

The transport commissioner office has asked RTOs to follow the guidelines issued to them as per the circulars issued in 2007 and 2015 and to restrict the agents and touts from entering the RTO premises.

According to RTO officials, most RTO offices in Mumbai and the state have fulfilled those guidelines by setting up public guidance centers, ensuring availability of forms and putting boards about various procedures.

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