Maharashtra roads among India’s deadliest, reveals NCRB data

  • Rahul Mahajani, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jul 19, 2015 17:04 IST

Maharashtra recorded the second highest number of traffic accidents -- 52,369 -- in the country in 2014, states the latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

According to the NCRB, 4,81,805 traffic accidents, which include road, railway and trespassing accidents, led to 1,69,107 deaths reported across the country in 2014. The 52,369 accidents recorded in Maharashtra claimed 18,574 lives.

PS Pasricha, former director general of police (Maharashtra), said more roads, population, highways and ghats are the reasons behind the rise.

“There are three factors — improving the infrastructure, enforcement of rules and education — that could help bring down the numbers. If traffic discipline is taught in schools, it could be of great help,” he said.

The number of road accidents in India went up by 1.8% in 2014, compared to 2013. While 4,50,898 cases were reported in 2014, 4,43,001 cases were reported a year before that. Maharashtra recorded 44,328 road accidents last year.

In 2014, Mumbai witnessed 2,219 traffic accidents, resulting in 667 deaths.

The figure was much lower than the 2,347 traffic accidents in Aurangabad that claimed 210 lives and 3,367 traffic accidents in Nashik, which led to 194 deaths.

Two-wheelers contributed the most — 26.4% — to the fatal road accidents in the country, followed by trucks at 20.1%, cars at 12.1% and buses at 8.8%.

The highest number of accidents (21,441 cases) on state highways in the country was reported in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu also topped the list of fatal road accidents (12.9%), followed by Maharashtra at 11.1%.

The cause of 14.3% fatal accidents in the state was speeding, while 10.2% of the accidents were a result of dangerous or careless driving.

IPS officer-turned-advocate YP Singh said the increase in accidents in state showed the failure of the police.

"The motor vehicle rules are not enforced properly. This makes the offenders more confident," he said, adding bringing in technology like CCTV and other modern gadgets is a must as it is difficult to man the roads.

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