Maharashtra tops country in cybercrimes

  • Vijay Kumar Yadav, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 20, 2015 01:00 IST

Maharashtra recorded the highest number of cybercrimes in the country in 2014, figures from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) have revealed.

According to the NCRB, 1,879 cases of cybercrime were registered in the state in 2014, against the 907 in 2013. Uttar Pradesh (1,737) and Karnataka (1,020) followed Maharashtra. UP recorded the highest number of cybercrimes (546) in which financial gain was the motive, followed by Maharashtra (280) and Karnataka (262).

The NCRB’s cybercrime figures are a cause for concern for security agencies in Maharashtra, as four of the five cases of cyber-terrorism registered across India in 2014 took place in Maharashtra. The state also recorded a large number of cybercrimes in which “insulting the modesty of a woman” (190 cases), sexual exploitation (125) and inciting hatred against a community (110) were the motive.

Experts said a number of factors were responsible for the sharp increase in cybercrimes in Maharashtra. Tech expert Vicky Shah said it would be wrong to blame only banks and other institutions for the rise in cybercrime, and that a lack of awareness among people who use technology was also responsible.

“Apart from a lack of awareness, the negligent approach many people take towards their personal data contributes to cybercrimes,” he said.

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