‘Move to bring back base line test will prevent failures in Class 9’

In contrast to the widespread opposition the baseline tests for primary students faced from school managements and parents, the move to test Class 9 students has been welcomed.

In 2006, teachers and parents opposed the baseline tests held for Class 1 to Class 8 saying the exams added to the workload of the teachers and the students.

This time, experts said the tests are needed as the no-fail policy for students till Class 8 has raised concerns on whether students are learning enough.

“It will give us a clear picture of whether the schools are implementing the no fail policy and the continuous comprehensive evaluation pattern properly,’’ said Jayant Jain, president of the Forum for Fairness in Education.

The forum had moved the high court against the tests in 2006.

Jain added that conducting the test will also help government check the issue of schools failing large number of students in Class 9.

“Schools do not pay attention to students till Class 8 because of the policy, then fail the weak Class 9 students indiscriminately so they can achieve 100% results in Class 10 board exams,” he added.

President of the PTA United Forum, Arundhati Chavan said, “Because of baseline tests, weak students will be identified early and can receive timely remedial lessons by teachers.

Also, it will bring to light which subjects are being taught well in schools and those that need to be worked on.


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