Mumbai gang-rape: 'I saw them and knew something was wrong'

  • Aritra Hazra, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 04, 2015 23:15 IST

The DB Marg police have arrested three men on charges of gang raping a 15-year-old girl near Opera House, Girgaum in Mumbai, at 12.30 am on August 1. According to the police, the girl had come to the city just a month ago.

Shyamdhar Pandey, a 38-year-old cab driver who works for a private taxi service, was resting at Opera House just past midnight on August 1 when he saw three men taking a young girl into a deserted bungalow on Mathew Road. Pandey told HT that the way she was taken inside made him suspicious enough to leave his dinner half-eaten and alert a constable standing near Opera House.

“I start driving my cab at 4.30pm every day and usually stop at Mathew Road for dinner and some rest. I go there because the road is always peaceful,” said Pandey.

He added that at the early hours of August 1, while he eating his dinner, he saw three men taking a young girl into the deserted bungalow. They had covered her mouth and were holding her by the shoulder. “This made me suspicious. And when I saw two of them standing guard outside, I knew something was wrong. The girl even tried to escape, but the two men standing outside caught her and pushed her back inside. I immediately left my dinner and went towards Opera House to look for a policeman,” said Pandey.

“I spotted a constable and told him what I had seen. He informed two more cops and the three of them went to the bungalow, where the two men were guarding the gate, with the watchman standing next to them. The two did not move even after seeing the cops approaching them. The policemen went inside, rescued the girl and arrested the three men,” he said.

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