Mumbai ranks 37th in world for public transport

  • Prajakta Chavan Rane, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Nov 14, 2013 11:39 IST

With a low Urban Mobility Index (UMI) of 63.7, Mumbai not only has below average public transport facilities , but is also ranked 37th in the world, far behind many other Asian cities, a global study has suggested.

A UMI of 64.4 was considered average in the global study on urban mobility conducted in 66 countries by international firm Arthur D Little.

Cities were ranked based on public transport facilities, and subsequently how little the requirement for personal vehicles was.

Hong Kong topped the index with a UMI of 81.9, marginally higher than Amsterdam’s 81.2, while Singapore and Shanghai ranked 6th and 11th with 77.3 and 74.7 respectively.

Other than evaluating public transport services in city, the UMI also helps tourists make a decision on taking a trip there, said OP Gupta, BEST’s general manager and vice-president of the association of state road transport undertakings, on his return from a global meet in Spain, Italy and Holland.

Gupta participated in the recently held International Association of Public Transport policy board meeting in Spain.

“The cities are ranked on 18-20 parameters, which include people’s access to public transport services, government policies, government support and people’s convenience,” added Gupta.

Among the 66 countries ranked in the study, all Indian cities have performed below average in the mobility index.

Among Indian cities, Mumbai topped the l ist followed by Kolkata (UMI of 60.4), which ranked 41st and New Delhi (58.5), which ranked 45th; Hyderabad (56.4) was 50th and Bangalore stood 59th with a UMI of 51.3, slightly above Karachi, which ranked 60th with a UMI of 51.

Further, Gupta emphasised the need to developing interchange points in Mumbai, like Madrid where state transport buses, civic buses and metro are aligned together on different levels of the same building.

“We cannot bring all three of these into the same building, but there is scope to develop a similar pattern of inter-changing points at Mumbai Central as it has a state transport depot, civic bus depot and railway terminus,” added Gupta.


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