Mumbai: Shivaji Park locals raise storm over dust levels

  • Aishwarya Iyer, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 29, 2015 22:33 IST

Residents of Shivaji Park have complained to the municipal corporation about increase in air pollution because of preparations for the police parade on May 1.

HT had earlier reported that residents of the area were worried about the dust levels because of the levelling work being carried out on the ground.

On Wednesday, residents filed a complaint with the assistant municipal commissioner (G-North) ward, Sharad Ughade.

CK Pal, a retired marketing professional and a resident of Shivaji Park, said, “There are various health issues that we residents are facing. I keep getting colds and cough and whenever I go to the doctor, he tells me it is because of a dust allergy. For two hours of the parade, we have to suffer throughout the year.”

Ughade agreed that the issue was matter of concern. “Spreading of large quantity of loose red soil will increase the existing dust pollution. It will affect the health of children playing on the ground and the residents of Shivaji Park and nearby localities,” he said.

However, despite the civic body’s assurances to the residents, more soil was dumped on the ground on Tuesday.

Ughade said they were trying to find a solution, but it would take time. “I am looking into the matter. We are planning to install sprinklers on the ground so that the dust settles down faster. We also have asked the public works department to take the necessary steps,” he said.

In March, residents had met state government officials to discuss the issue.

“We have been assured that the sprinkler will be in place by October 31. Also, a lawn will be created in order to keep the pollution under control,” said Ashok Ravat, another resident of the area.

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