New policy full of loopholes: citizens

  • Vaishnavi Vasudevan, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Aug 16, 2013 10:31 IST

While the revised civic policy will be debated in the coming weeks, citizens and activists are already pointing out loopholes in the new norms.

City residents have demanded that two antennae should be allowed on one building as against two mobile towers, as mentioned in the policy.

There also demands such as setting up monitoring committees to address public grievances, compulsory permission from top floor residents and regulation on towers erected on flyovers and lamp posts.

“There is no distance mentioned between a tower on a building and a nearby hospital, school or college. It holds no meaning to put a ban on erecting mobile towers above these institutions, when it can be allowed on a neighbouring building,” said Jitendra Gupta, an anti-radiation activist.

Citizens have alleged that transparency is missing in the system as important norms that were listed as suggestions have not been considered.

They have also demanded that permission from the top floor residents in a building should be made mandatory each time during the renewal process.

“A monitoring committee should be formed which would include representatives from citizen groups, Department of Telecommunication (DoT), telecom companies, technical experts and others,” said Vinod Shelar, a corporator.

Activist Prakash Munshi said, “The revised policy has ignored several i mportant norms advised by the department of telecommunication (DoT) in its policy. Such a revised policy formed by the BMC cannot be termed ‘stringent’ as they are going soft on the numerous numbers of illegal towers that are already in existence.”


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