Now, Maharashtra FDA collects samples of Maggi noodles from 3 cities

  • Shobhan Singh, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 22, 2015 08:36 IST

Although the food and drug administration (FDA) of Uttar Pradesh has claimed that the content of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in a batch of ready-to-cook Maggi was high, the Maharashtra state unit of the FDA plans to verify the claims, before taking a drastic step such as recalling the product from the market.

“We have collected samples of the product from different parts of the state such as Pune, Nagpur and Mumbai and have sent them to our laboratory for tests. The results will come in a couple of days, after which we will decide if there is a need to take action,” said Dr Harshdeep Kamble, state FDA commissioner.

According to Nestle India, on April 30, the local authorities in Lucknow asked them to recall one batch of Maggi Noodles (around 200,000 packs) which were manufactured in February 2014 and had crossed the expiry date in November 2014.

The company, in a press statement, said, “Nestlé India’s current practice is to collect stock that is near the best before date from distributors/retailers, so we are confident that these packs are no longer in the market. The company does not agree with the order and is filing the requisite representations with the authorities.”

“In the meantime, it is important to note there are no other orders to recall Maggi Noodle products in the market. People can be confident that Maggi Noodle products are safe to eat,” the statement said.

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