‘Our family can’t believe my uncle is no more’

  • Megha Pol, Hindustan Times, Thane
  • Updated: Apr 27, 2015 01:12 IST

Worried about his family’s safety in Kathmandu, Dev Bahadur Garg, 43, has been continuously watching news channels since Saturday afternoon. While his parents are safe, his uncle passed away in the calamity.

“My uncle, Ketlal Gurang, 36, was riding his bike when the earthquake struck. He lost control over the vehicle and fell into a gutter, where he drowned in the drain. His body was recovered on Sunday morning. His wife and two children are safe. We can’t believe this is for real. We are shocked,” said Garg.

The house, where Garg’s parents lived, has collapsed. “The house has gone. I am relieved that my parents are safe. I plan to visit my family soon, so I can help them rebuild the house. This is a difficult time for them. He was the sole breadwinner,” he said.

The Nepali community held a prayer meet at Thane for the families that are still stuck in the region.

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