Reform civics syllabus, say Mumbai academicians

  • Puja Pednekar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jun 01, 2015 22:08 IST

Mumbai's educationists asked for reforms in the way civics is currently taught in schools at a discussion with the Maharashtra state education department.

They have demanded that the government revise the civics syllabus to include modules that will help shape students into becoming humane and responsible citizens of the country.

Their recommendations will be submitted to the state government.

Concerns over the quality of Indian civics education were raised last week, following a nation-wide survey conducted by the Children’s Movement of Civic Awareness (CMCA), a non-government organisation, which revealed an alarmingly negative attitude of the youth towards democracy.

The survey released in January found that 39% of girls and 43% of boys agreed that women have no choice but to accept a certain degree of violence; 55% of youth agreed that the way women dress and behave provoke violent reactions from men.

Educationists blamed the findings on the current civic education practices falling short in shaping the mind sets of the students.

“We as a society are solely focused on educating our youth for employability,” said Manjunath Sadashiva, director, CMCA. “But we have completely neglected education that moulds children and youth into humane, responsible and active citizens.”

The school education department has asked the experts to submit written recommendations.

“We are open to suggestions and recommendations on this issue,” said Nand Kumar, principal secretary of the state education department.

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