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Search for right path

mumbai Updated: Oct 05, 2010 02:15 IST
M.N. Kundu

A man was in search of the right path for spiritual progress. But he was utterly confused to see so many paths claiming to be right.

The path of karma or right action claimed, “Work is worship. Be good and do good. The planet has become so beautiful and worth living due to ceaseless work of our great ancestors.

Now it is our turn to make a contribution for betterment of humanity.
Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom.

Hence, change your destiny, gain prosperity and spiritual progress through the path of karma.”
The path of jhnana beckoned, “You may work as best as you can but still you will have to die like a dog unless you get deeply anchored in divine wisdom, which alone leads to liberation.”

“Therefore, gain insight into who you actually are, wherefrom have you come, where will you ultimately go and what is the true purpose of your living. You must gain wisdom through deep introspection and analytical meditation.”

The path of yoga pointed out, “The secret of the entire creation is hidden within you. Awaken the microcosm of the cosmos sleeping within your spinal centres.

Rise through the spinal stairways of wakefulness through conscious control and utilisation of life force and be liberated into the vast omnipresent consciousness.

The path of bhakti or divine devotion whispered, “The Infinite and His cosmic intelligence behind creation are inconceivably vast for your limited intellect and capacity.”

“You better follow the path of joyful engagement with the Almighty whose nature is love. Don’t you see His loving hand behind the meanest flowers and tiny birds?”

“Seek refuge of Him alone for all your spiritual needs.”
The searching man was amused to see that all these paths are relative and
complementary to one another.

These are in fact not diverse external ways but proportionately more focused internal guidelines relevant to a particular aspirant at a particular time.

He decided to follow all these with a perfect synthesis to make it holistic.