Season’s third-highest tide washes litter on to Dadar streets

  • Nikhil M Ghanekar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Jul 26, 2013 08:54 IST

The high tide brought in a deluge of woes for residents on Dadar on Thursday, when the season’s third highest tide, at a height of 4.89 metres, swept trash and waste water into the streets.

Residents living adjacent and parallel to Dadar beach had to drive their cars through flooded lanes or wade through knee-deep water, and the tide left behind an assortment of plastic items, thermocol, paper and cardboard.

Motorists who parked their cars near the Mayor’s Bungalow on Pandurang Naik Marg and Dr Madhukar Raut Marg found garbage stuck inside their car’s front grill.

The sea water and trash even reached Shivaji Park and past the junction on Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg.

The season’s highest tide, at 4.97 metres, was seen last month on June 25.

On Friday, the city is expected to witness another tall tide, measuring 4.71 metres.

Members of the Pandurang Naik Marg Residents Association said that though flooding of roads owing to high tide was being witnessed since 2009, the situation has worsened this year.

“The public works department had installed boulders on the sea face near Pandurang Naik Marg in 2009 to stop waves from crashing into the compound wall of buildings. But the boulders were not placed according to specifications and some of them started drifting into the sea,” said Tasneem Shukul, secretary, Pandurang Naik Marg Residents Association.

“Last year, the Maharashtra Maritime Board started installing tetrapods after the Dadar beach eroded heavily.”

Shukul said that a combination of erosion, tall tides and reclamation of land for the sealink might have allowed the sea water to reach up till Shivaji Park.

Private conservancy workers said that from the Mayor’s Bungalow to PD Hinduja Hospital, every road leading to the sea threw out at least one tempo container full of trash.

“Luckily for the locals it did not rain heavily on Wednesday on Thursday, when the tides were really high. The water could have easily risen up to the waist level,” said a local.


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