Second accused arrested from video parlour

Vijay Jadhav, the second person to be arrested in the gang rape case, was held from a movie video parlour in the Madanpura area.

According to police sources, Jadhav frequented the video parlour where B grade movies were screened regularly.

An officer, who was a part of the operation that was launched to track him down, said that Jadhav was a resident of JR Boricha Marg, near the Arthur Road jail. He lived there with two of his brothers. “Separate units had detained the two brothers and questioned them about Jadhav’s whereabouts,” the officer said.

Officials of Unit 2 of the crime branch got a tip-off about the video parlour that Jadhav frequented when they questioned his brother and another close friend. Based on that input, the police raided the video parlour and made the arrest.

Jadhav said that none of the accused were using their mobile phones because they knew that the police could track them down.

“While technical surveillance helps us track down the accused in most similar cases, in this investigation, we had to fall back on the khabri (informant) network and human intelligence to track down the accused,” an officer who was part of the investigation said.

The police received a lot of help from its network of informants as well as the general public, the officer added.


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